TweakUI: Make the command prompt of your Win98 / NT / 2000 box act like Unix!

Win2K CD-ROM Renaming: Renaming CD-ROM Drive Creates Admin$ Share to Which Everyone Has Full Permission

Microsoft Outlook: Calendar not showing the proper free & busy times?
     1.) Exit Outlook
     2.) Open a command prompt
     3.) Type "outlook /cleanfreebusy"

Microsoft Terminal Server Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Windows 2000 Local Group Management
     Wish you could apply Domain Groups to Local Workstations? Well, you can...

     Use the NET LOCALGROUP command from a logon script:

       NET LOCALGROUP [groupname [/COMMENT:"text"]] [/DOMAIN]
                      groupname {/ADD [/COMMENT:"text"] | /DELETE} [/DOMAIN]
                      groupname name [...] {/ADD | /DELETE} [/DOMAIN]

     More specifically,

                      @net localgroup [Local Machine Groupname] "[DOMAIN]\[Group]" /add 

     For example,
       @net localgroup Administrators "MyDomain\Domain Admins" /add